Thursday, April 12, 2007

Whats up with Buzz Boston

The purpose here is to provide a source for information regarding start up companies in the Boston area. The intent is not to analyse or comment on product and business model, there are many people far more qualified for that. The idea is to give visibility to the amount and quality of new companies coming to life whether funded, bootstrapped or pre-funded, Of course with life comes death so it makes sense to also take note of the demise of a company as well.

The hope is also, to receive information about companies from readers and the many people in the Boston area interested in the start-up market place. The format for the information will be minimal. Company name, funding status, incept date, where the founders are from...past companies etc.. the industry , and general product information. The idea is to promote , acknowledge wish well, the many companies springing up in the Boston area.

This blog has been incubating as an idea for a while, but after meeting one of the founders of Magnetk recently, their story finally tipped the balance into action.

This relates to a couple of posts by Dharmesh at Onstartups regarding the merits of Silicon Valley/Frisco versus the Boston area. It turns out the three founders of Magnetk are Stanford graduates that moved to Boston to start their company. So using their reverse migration as an example that the Boston startup scene is viable and can attract top talent away from the "frothy" west coast market, Buzz Boston is born.

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