Thursday, May 24, 2007


In an interview with Brewster Kale in ‘Founders at Work’ the Cambridge ex pat, X Thinking Machiner, and founder of WAIS and Alexa, he mentioned that one of the reasons he moved to the west coast was that there were more dreamers there. Boston had an environment that was too conservative and prone to thinking why things were not possible instead of anything is possible.

Got me to thinking that this was one of the great things Y-Combinator is doing for theHub area (Boston/Cambridge and environs).

Paul Graham is re-enforcing creativity, innovation and thinking outside of the (container of your choice), required for a thriving start up market place.

This is a good thing. Especially, if you look at the VCs from the area. The top tier, are very good, but very conservative and more comfortable with Communications and Enterprise Software. When it comes to web properties, one fund is heads above the rest, General Catalyst. The rest are lacking significant next generation Web offerings. You would think the angels might be taking up the slack but one look at the CommonAngels profolio, shows that their thing isn’t the WEB 2.0 type company. Old money, old thinking I guess.

More power to PG and anyone else that can help create a more vibrant environment for fostering start up companies in theHub.

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