Friday, September 7, 2007

Boston TechCocktail lives up to its name.

500 or so attendees descended on Tequilla Rain for the first Boston TechCocktail. Along with the original founders of TechCocktail Frank Gruber and Eric Olson, which originated in Chicago, many thanks should go to the Boston organizers;

Peter Glyman - Geezeo

Shawn Ward - Geezeo

Jay Meattle -

Brian Balfour - ZoomInfo

Top Tier VC's tolerated buzzed out java engineers, mobile technology moguls mingled with facebook widget developers, bloggers scooped some stealth company details and did I mention, the cocktails were plentiful. There might even have been some business done as bootstrapping start up founders took the opportunity to do their elevator pitch to willing listeners.

Anytime the Boston web start up community can get exposure to each other and some of the investor community, good things may happen.

Again congratulations to the organizers for filling a much needed void in bringing the web community together.

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