Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Change is in the air for old guard Boston area VC's

I just got wind of a new start up funding by a couple of venerable Top Tier Boston VC's that blew my socks off. These are old school Communications infrastructure, Enterprise software kind of guys with Midas Touch rankings. They just ponied up on a round for a new company in a market that would make even PG smile. They also wrapped the whole deal up in a matter of weeks, with unproven founders, not in their stable of past deals. Maybe the local entrepreneurial community won't have to automatically move to Silicon Valley if they want to fund a Web company.

I would love to spill the beans, but to do so would compromise my ability to gain info in the future. The company is in stealth for the time being but one of the founders is a known blogger, so I will let him break the story.

Update: The company is Viximo and is now well on it's way.


  1. Very cool.

    Looking forward to reading more. Will stay tuned...

    Looking for as many positive signals regarding early-stage investment activity in the Boston area as possible.

  2. Would love to know the company name or, the name of the blogger founder.