Monday, April 21, 2008 DK Pictures

Genotrope Record: Doink

Citation URL:

Formation Date: 2007

Funding Status: Seed, Alpha test, accepting new user registration

Investors: Self Funded

Founders or Execs past companies: Dome Imaging, Mindreef

Industry: Consumer Web, Animation and Web Graphics

Offering Description: DoInk is a place to enjoy art and animation, and make your own. Company is DK Pictures.

Buzz in theHub covered this company previously but they were in stealth mode. Now they are in Alpha and accepting new users. We usually refrain from making any comments on an application or review the capabilities, but in this case having been present during demos to users, I can say that the app is universally accepted and blows away any engineer familiar with what it takes to build such an app. I hope to see good things from Doink and a funding by a local Web VC.

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