Friday, May 16, 2008

Six Things Learned at POPSignal

1. PR Companies are good to have at Tech networking events. Otherwise there would be few females and all the conversations would go something like this " and then I ran a benchmark series using the sysbench fileio option to further benchmarkall three types of EC2 instances. it looks like / mounted filesystem (/dev/sda) has much better raw io performance than the larger /mnt (/dev/sdb) filesystem."

2. There is rumor of an upcoming falafel-off Tech Meetup to be held at MIT in the near future.

3. There needs to be a more macho name for a white wine spritzer.

4. There are a lot of interesting small web companies out there built and run by a single hacker/founder. is one example, along with a few stealth ones I look forward to profiling in the future.

5. Don't let your drunken engineers hang around until the end, as they are libel to spill the dirt on the inner-workings of your organization. (Don't worry, your secrets are safe with me).

6. Brian and Jay know how to put together a networking event.

1 comment:

  1. Great event, love point #1. This was such a crazy networking/event week, I am going to sleep like the dead tonight.