Monday, June 2, 2008

Largest Boston Venture Firms don't invest in Boston

The local business paper, Mass High Tech* published a list of the Largest Venture Capital & private equity firms ranked by the amount invested in 2007. I found a few data points pretty interesting.

1. the top two firms with $23 Billion under management, had a total of 1 investment in NE for 2007. Granted, these firms are later stage investors and not what we may typically think of as Venture Firms.

2. The VC that invested the most in the Boston area, half again as much as their closest rival, was North Bridge Venture Partners, with 41 deals for $142,000,000.

It should also be noted that NBVP is leading the way for the "old school" Boston VC firms by expanding into more consumer oriented investments in both mobile applications and web properties.

3. Next was Polaris Venture Partners with 30 deals for $91,300,000.

Some top firms were missing from the list, Charles River Ventures, General Catalyst, Matrix Partners, Sigma Partners, I assume due to not responding to the survey.

thanks to MHT for the work to compile this list.

* I could not find this List in the online Mass High Tech. If anyone comes across the link, please send me and I will update the post.


  1. Is this because of reach? Lack of cool ideas in the area? Broad generalizations made by typical VCs that Boston area firms don't cut the mustard? Resources? Perhaps if we get three Googles in a role over here, that stat might change. Nah, we just need great ideas like yours!

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