Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seth Godin segue to a new Genotrope Feature

Seth Godin wrote a great post today How to make money on the Internet. The essence of the post is that value is created by helping companies and users "connect". Although he didn't mention it, I assume that connect "efficiently" is key to providing the most value. The search engine that connects you with the information you are seeking on the first page of results will win your business from the one that connects with the same information on the 5th page of the search.

One of the examples in the post is about connecting companies with job seekers, so it is only fitting that we point out that Genotrope does exactly that. Instead of searching for buzzwords on a job board and then finding out that the 500 results are 85% 3rd party recruiter generated, Genotrope finds you compatible companies using your work history.

The nifty new feature we released today, lets registered users view their connections within a company via Linkedin. Now you can apply directly to the company and then see who you know or your friends know that work there.

Connecting you to compatible potential companies and your network of contacts is more valuable and efficient than searching a job board for buzzwords in a recruiters posting.

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