Tuesday, January 27, 2009

(Cancelled due to Snowstorm) Social CRM and tech meetup at Betahouse Wednesday 28th 6:30 PM

We received an email today from Scott Annan the CEO of  Mercury Grove, an Ottowa web software firm telling us about their stop in Boston on the current Co-working / Dex Roadtrip tour of the east coast startup scene. He and Scott Lake (founder of shopify.com, and social media consultant) are traveling to various US cities trying to connect with local bloggers, startups, and technology enthusiasts for a discussion about social CRM and the new app DEX (http://dexapp.com)  As a power user of contact management apps, Dex seems pretty interesting, we just signed up for the beta.

The two Scotts are also co-authors of the startupottawa.com blog.  It should be a good time with some interesting conversation.  Try to get out and meet them and let us know how it went.
More information here: http://dexifyboston.eventbrite.com


  1. Regrettably, their trip to Boston has been canceled due to the bad weather.

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