Thursday, January 29, 2009

Venture Investment is down, new Startups pay no attention

You can't read a publication that covers startups without coming across an article about the Venture Capital market tanking.

In spite of this, there have been some really interesting companies recently closing their series A here in Boston. The group is a good mix of seasoned founders and first time entrepreneurs.

The Search Marketing, Lead Generation or Inbound Marketing space is heating up with several new players entering the field.

Wordstream Serial CEO and new founder.

JazD Markets Seasoned VP of engineering, CEO proven executive in turnaround and high growth environments.

Data Center Solutions have been a strong field for Boston and these new players are seeking to continue that trend.

Cloudswitch Founders coming off big exits.

Viridity Software Second time around.

Cloudant First time founders, PHD's from MIT. VC that funded Series A has not been announced. If you have info, let us know.

Mobile Applications and Wireless is an active market for Boston

SCVNGR 19 year old founder quit school to give startup a go.

I look forward to following each company on their journey.

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