Monday, February 9, 2009

Your Favorites from the past Year

Looking over the stats for the past year, there were posts that were heads above the rest in amount of views.

#1 Most Viewed:

Boston VC Directory by far the most viewed is actually a page in the blog. We have transitioned the Directory to it's own page in Genotrope.


Paul Graham Gets Vague when Boston Needs Analysis Calling for PG to distinguish between Web and "Other" categories of startups.

Paul Graham is "Selling" the Children Getting picked up by Hacker News always bumps up the traffic. Any mention of Paul Graham in a perceived negative fashion brings out the fans in defense, even when the article was "tongue in cheek"

Boston Calling Dave McClure or your Clones Probably the most commented of all the posts, searching for the elusive Boston Web Angel.

Company Posts

Hangout Industries



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