Monday, March 30, 2009

The Cloud Crowd

The natural next phase after storage, virtualization and data appliances would be  Cloud product and services.

Building on the strong base we have here in the Boston area, there is a new crop of start-ups creating the next products and services for the "Cloud"

The talent pool is pretty robust, with  major companies such as Netezza, EMC, VMWare, Hitachi, Iron Mountain and Sun to tap and founders from the last group of startups Like Archivas, Pirus, Equallogic, Acopia, Virtual Computer to start building the next wave of companies.

Here is a quick list of start-up Cloud companies:





Sonian Networks


When you look at the profiles, you will notice the networks overlap quite a bit from the last group of successful storage companies. It will be interesting to watch these companies progress over the next years.

Please let me know the ones I missed and I will add to the list.

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  1. The cloud model has great potential for the mobility market. I think greater than the supporting technology the challenge will be overcoming media distribution rights management issues.