Friday, March 27, 2009

May's 10th annual Nantucket Conference is Fast Approaching

The Nantucket Conference was started  ten years ago so that New England would have its own high-level gathering for entrepreneurs, investors, and tech execs -- to spotlight what happens here -- rather than always flying out to events on the Left Coast.

If you are fortunate to score an invitation or have your registration accepted, you will be among the elite few that shape the Boston start-up eco-system.

The agenda has been finalized and this year there's an interesting mix of East and West (the COO of Skype is coming), as well as VCs from all over (Jo Tango from Kepha Partners, Brad Feld from Foundry Group in Denver, and Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital in Pennsylvania.) Plus,  Robert Keane (who was at the very first Nantucket Conference in 2000) has been invited back to talk about the VistaPrint success story.

There are still a few slots open, if you would like to register to attend.
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