Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seeking Start-ups to Participate in TestCase Boston at betahouse

testcase1The Boston meetups Web Innovators Group and the new DemoCamp have enjoyed deserved success. As a result of their popularity, the groups have grown quite large. At this point there might be room for smaller groups to bring back some of the intimacy and conversations, now missing, that made the groups popular in the first place.

We are seeking less schmoozefest and more exchange of knowledge and information.

With that in mind, Betahouse , Bokardo Design and Genotrope are putting together the first TestCase Boston at the end of April, to bring back the smaller get-together , and hopefully, provide some value to the start-ups and audience in attendance.

It's basically a bunch of web heads having a good time, cases of beer, consuming pizza , hanging out at betahouse and talking web.  But in the mix will be four start-up web application demos, a bit of user testing, some analysis by @bokardo Josh Porter  and audience feedback.

If you have a web application or start-up that would like to participate in the first TestCase Boston and receive valuable user and expert feedback, drop us a line. The price of admission will be providing some food and beverages for the gathering.

Update 4-15-09 Participating Companies have been chosen. Keep an eye out for TestCase II

Contact us at        info-at-betahouse-dot-org   or    testcase-at-genotrope-dot-com.

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