Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spark Capital has Launched Start@Spark

This is most excellent news.  Another Seed Capital program;  Start@Spark has been introduced for Boston companies.

Spark Capital may be the most aggressive web oriented investor in the Boston area, evidenced by their recent investment in Twitter.

Sadly, to date, only one of their web investments 8D World are from the Boston area. This is probably not through lack of trying as they are more visible here than most VC's, with Bijan Sabet hosting Open Coffee and participating in the TechStars Boston program.

A look at their portfolio will tell you that they are media oriented which might mean that most of the investments end up in NYC.

This is a great opportunity for early stage web companies here in theHub. I hope to see some great things come from this program and hopefully Boston can win a few slots against the more media oriented NYC market.

PostScript: It may turn out that Y Combinator vacating Boston will turn in to a net positive. First of all  YC companies were encouraged to re locate to Silicon Valley after their Cambridge stay had ended and the majority of them did so.  Only a few have stayed in the Boston area to contribute to the start-up community here, and we are glad they did.

Plus, Paul Graham continues to deliver kicks in the pants to the Boston start-up culture, particularly the VC's by commenting on the huge difference between the 1 and number 2 start-up markets.

The fact will probably not be acknowledged, but the vacuum left by Y Combinator and some prodding by their founder and respected seed investor may have given Boston Web start-ups a boost after all.

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