Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boston's @biz Twitter Fit

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Been watching the dialog about a "tweetup" held in honor of Biz Stone put together by HubSpot, between @hybernaut and a slew of @'s from Hubspot.

The controversy arose when Hubspot announced a "tweetup" at their regular Friday night web video program where they hoped to get Twitter's founder to appear.

Hubspot had good luck with this type of Twitter onslaught when MCHammer was in town.

So the issues are

1. whether a company should promote a Tweetup mentioning the "stars" name, when he actually hasn't said they would attend, thereby harnessing the "stars" juice without permission.

2. is a Tweetup a community entity and should not be appropriated by a corporate entity to use as a marketing vehicle.

If you want to view the whole shebang search the twitter hashtag #bizinboston

If I was Twitter I would revel in all this attention, not to mention that @biz has been compared to Bono and Prince. It can't be all bad when your passionate users defend your platform in the name of the community.

Stay tuned as it keeps getting better. The word communist has entered the dialog. Could Nazi be far behind?

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