Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June is Innovation Month in New England

There is a lot of activity focused on startups and innovation around Boston this month. In fact, June has been officially declared Innovation Month.  http://NEinnovation.com/

Rob Go of Spark Capital has a post up about his  Three Reasons to be Optimistic About Entrepreneurship in New England  He did a good job of summarizing what fuels the Boston areas innovation and pointing out that the community is growing and increasingly coming together.

His third  point about Increasing Activity resonates the most with us.  The more we can do to foster collaboration and openness among local entrepreneurs, the better chance we all have of becoming successful.

We are ready to take the next step beyond the basic demo/networking events and innovate the actual networking events themselves so they contribute practical information and advice to take away and use in our own contexts.

That was the thinking behind TestCase Boston which was successful enough to have requests for a follow up event at a larger venue. We hope to host the next one at the end of August.

We encourage you all to come up with ideas for meetups and networking events that contribute back to the community. Feel free to bounce any ideas off of us or make comments  on this post. We will try to find sponsors or whatever makes sense to help out.

See you at one of the events.

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  1. Wow, Thats the first time i am hearing that there is a innovation month celebrated anywhere in the world. it is very important for every nation to give utmost importance to innovation, because innovation is the single most important thing in this world which can keep us moving.