Thursday, July 30, 2009

Genotrope Launches Major New Upgrade


We rarely mention Genotrope on these pages, but we just released significant new features and thought it was worth the blatant plug.

The good news is the market is picking up a bit and most companies are now hiring for a few positions. New start-ups are being funded and building out their core teams. The timing is right for the new release of Genotrope with even more focus on helping People and Companies Connect.

You might know that our approach is to "find the company first and then the job".  However the entire market, both companies and candidates are focused on job postings, so rather than continue to attempt to swim upstream, we have released job posting functionality.

Now companies can register with Genotrope and manage their company record, build a Talent Target graph, release news as well as create and edit job postings.

Users can now view job postings. The difference is that now when Candidates are viewing the list of job posting the Genotrope Icon logomarkwill be present in the job listing to indicate companies where the registered user also has an affinity match through their professional graph. These jobs will be the better fit matches when compared to matches done strictly by position or industry.

Along with the new job postings, we have added major new search functionality.  Both Browsing greeniconbuttonbrowse2and MyGraph greeniconbuttonmygraph2 mode on the FindJobs page can be searched by zipcode proximity, Industry and Company Status. This means you can slice and dice the company database to find very specific matches, such as all B2B companies with a series A investment that are 25 miles from my home town.

Also, now it is not a requirement to be a registered user to view job postings or Apply for a position. Registered users gain the benefit of saving their profile information, which provides the affinity matching from the professional graph, as well as the ability to contribute data and edit the company database.

signup now for completely anonymous Job Search using your professional graph. It takes less than a minute and only an email address and a few companies entered into work history are needed.

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