Monday, August 10, 2009

August 12th Virtual MIN Innovators

If you haven't attended the Mass Innovation Nights meetup out in Waltham, you are missing out. You know where Waltham is right? You know, 128, where the VC's are. ;-)

The event takes place at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation. Here's some Directions. Don't try to park at the Museum, it is much easier to find the lot across the river and walk over the footbridge.

Bobbie Carlton has put together a vibrant and interesting event.

This months Virtual Mass Innovation Night is a little different. As an indication of the organizations innovative bent, they are innovating themselves by conducting their first “virtual” innovation night on Wednesday, August 12.  This is a great way to carry on the event, yet accomodating the needs of vacationing entrepreneurs, innovators and technologists.

The event will kick-off at 6:30 p.m. on Twitter using the hashtag #MIN5.  (If you are new to Twitter, the MIN site has some good tips and tools for following hashtags.)  From there, the event will evolve into a phone-based “speed dating” style format with the help of some neat technology from past MIN participant BlitzTime.

So sign up and meet some of our local innovators and check out the presenting companies. See you Tweet you there.

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