Monday, August 3, 2009

Eric Ries (the lean Startup) speaking @MIT in August

Please help us make this a reality.

Eric Ries is interested and ready to come to Boston on August 21st to speak at the MIT campus. If you are not familiar with Eric,  he is the well known author of the blog Lessons Learned. He was the co-founder and served as Chief Technology Officer of IMVU, his third startup. He is the co-author of several books including The Black Artvof Java Game Programming (Waite Group Press, 1996). In 2007, BusinessWeek named Ries one of the Best Young Entrepreneurs of Tech. He serves on the advisory board of a number of technology startups including pbWiki, Smule, 750i and KaChing.

We are in the process of lining up sponsors so that the event will be at most only $20 for attendees.

Things are coming down to the wire and need to be settled by this Friday the 7th to give everyone enough lead time to make it happen. We already have a super venue reserved at MIT and are in discussions with several sponsors, but we need to sign up more sponsors to make it happen.

Eric Ries The Lean Start-up Talk

is an Eventbrite  sign-up list to reserve your tickets and gauge interest from the community.

If you or your company is interested in being a sponsor and helping the start up community while getting great brand association at the same time please contact for the details.

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  1. Awesome idea, I love Eric's writing. We (HubSpot) would be happy to help make this happen.