Saturday, January 16, 2010

When Will They Launch Q1 2010

Our post back in May 2009, When Will They Launch pointed out some companies waiting in the wings and extolled them to release their idea into the wild and let it flourish.

It's time for a recap of those companies to gauge progress.

It's also time to list a new group of companies and sites on the brink of release to give them a little sign-up love and encourage them to show us what you got.

First the recap of the last list which started with a quote from the founder of Linkedin, “If you review your first site version and don’t feel embarrassment, you spent too much time on it.” — Reid Hoffman New domain name, but closed beta for Seems they sold the domain to a big Sqatter company. Still  the future home of: closed beta, coming soon coming soon still in closed beta sign up for when it becomes available (limited beta at a couple of venues) Launched with customers and investors. expired domain we are launching soon new and improved coming soon currently in closed beta

So that is 1.5 in twelve that has delivered anything publicly. Not a very high ratio. Not trying to give you guys a hard time, but let's see what you got. It's time to let us unwashed masses have a go with your app so you can find out what is good about it. Don't take our word for it though, listen to some people in the know....

Anyway, let's take a look at a new crop of hopeful new companies and sites looking to make their mark. Give them some sign-up love if you are interested and encourage them to take the plunge into the light of day.


  1. Tom, I'm glad you did this. I think it underscores how challenging it is for startups to get out of the gate.

  2. Gathr.Me was forced to change our name following a cease and desist from

  3. Max, there are definitely more startups that are pre-launch not listed here. I have bookmarked about 50 more.

    Not sure what you are getting at with the MHT link. If you are up to it, do a date comparison of when a startup gets listed on Buzz in theHub or Genotrope vs MHT.


  4. bummer. Look forward to checking out when you open up to the public.

  5. Good point.

    I believe I emailed you a week or two back with an update. Could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that happened for real. :)

  6. Good stuff Tom. While it's not very sexy, I launched a Web 1.0 based business last month. I guess I'm just an old soul, one that's delivering a free daily email connecting ticket buyers and sellers in Boston. Free to join, free to list tickets for sale, all at Best of luck to all those in launch mode!


  7. I am part of the Zaang beta and it's very legitimate. There is chatter on the site about a full scale launch in under a month, which puts us somewhere in the middle of february.

  8. Yes, zaang went live earlier this wk!