Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boston Startups Q1 2011, When will they launch?

Each quarter, we publish the latest Boston startups which will soon be publicly launching. Although these companies have yet to officially open, we want to promote them and help them find their initial customer base. Apart from helping these companies market themselves, we also want them to get initial comments and feedback from the user community.

Before we introduce the newest batch of Boston startups, let’s take a look at the previous quarter list and see the progress of each company.

http://www.smoopa.com/ - Smoopa has launched early this year with the vision to change the way people shop. A company based in Massachusetts and California, Smoopa allows consumers to identify and share a good deal with friends, buy products online at a lesser price, or get an in-store price match with the use of a smartphone.

http://www.applicationville.com/ - Still under the wraps, Applicationville promises to offer a simple way to search, implement and use applications that meet the consumers’ needs. The company is still searching for mobile pioneers to join Applicationville and for investors who want to be part of the company.

http://www.penmia.com/ -Penmia has launched and is offering an accessible application that lets people record any moment in their lives including wonderful restaurant experiences, memorable first steps, grand vacations, and even exhilarating shopping sprees. The application can record anything and store data using 256-encryption.

http://noderabbit.com/ -NodeRabbit has launched with a mission to ‘make the software development team more successful through continuous deployment’ according to their website.

http://www.foodfeedia.com/ - Foodfeedia is still under stealth mode.

http://pre.nusage.com/ -Nusage has not launched yet. However, according to their website, they are like LinkedIn on Steroids. They are changing the way students, colleges and employers connect and interact with each other. The company, as stated in their website, is getting close to Beta.

http://gospotly.com/ -They have not launched yet.

http://socmetrics.com/ -SocMetics has launched with the aim to help companies engage key influencer in their niche to build world of mouth and increase sales.

So, those are the latest developments from last quarter’s list of startups. For this quarter, we have a new batch of web companies. Sign-up for the betas and show your support! We are all in this together.










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